More on Bergdahl, including my brush with the big time

Hey. Hi. How are you? What, me? Anything new? Well, you know, nothing big. I mean, I did get cited by the big-time media for my insightful deeply silly writing retweeting of ridiculous conservatives, if you’re into that sort of thing:’s Matt Binder and LobeLog contributor Derek Davison noticed something funny: just before Bergdahl was released,… Continue reading More on Bergdahl, including my brush with the big time

Question on Bergdahl

continued from yesterday Has anybody checked what the Bergdahls’ kitchen counters are made of? Meanwhile, neocons are very concerned that prisoners of war might start being called “prisoners of war” instead of the much more Orwellian politically useful designation of “detainees,” or possibly “unpersons.” To which I can only say, hey, if you want a… Continue reading Question on Bergdahl

L’Affaire Bergdahl

Watching the escalation of the right-wing response to the Bergdahl case, from “why isn’t Obama doing anything to free this guy, doesn’t he know that we never leave a man behind?” to “why did Obama negotiate with terrorists like this?” to “why did Obama trade Taliban prisoners in exchange for this deserter who should have… Continue reading L’Affaire Bergdahl