Middle East update: February 12 2018

SYRIA Reuters is reporting that at least two Russian mercenaries who were fighting in Syria were killed during that US airstrike on Syrian-aligned forces in Deir Ezzor province last week. “Associates” of the two men have reportedly confirmed their deaths. The official Russian line is that no Russians were involved in that incident, and while… Continue reading Middle East update: February 12 2018

Europe update: May 25 2017

UNITED KINGDOM Still a lot of things happening in the aftermath of Monday’s terrorist bombing in Manchester, as you might expect. The UK is on edge, and so for example an unattended vehicle is enough to shut down the Westminster Bridge in London. The investigation has found “suspicious items” during an investigation of a house in… Continue reading Europe update: May 25 2017

World update: May 24 2017

UNITED KINGDOM We’re learning more about the Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi. French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb today said that Abedi did, in fact, have “proven” links to ISIS, and an unnamed US source told NBC that Abedi had known ties to al-Qaeda. It seems pretty certain that he’d recently been in Libya, and Collomb said that… Continue reading World update: May 24 2017

Talking about the thing we never talk about

Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on the Maalbeek metro station and Zaventem airport in Brussels killed 34 people (including three perpetrators) and injured another 300, many critically. This was the worst violence that Belgium has seen since the Second World War. It was a despicable act, and many of us here in the US have expressed and… Continue reading Talking about the thing we never talk about

Security theater in action

The terrorist attack on the Zeventem Airport in Brussels yesterday targeted one of the softest spots in the entire transportation system: the security queue at any major airport. Our “shoes off, belt off, take out your laptop, measure your liquids, put your left foot in and shake it all about” security screening process creates another… Continue reading Security theater in action

Terror attacks in Brussels kill at least 34, story developing

Terrorist bombings at a subway station in Maalbeek and at Zaventem Airport have killed at least 34 people and injured another 170. Two bombs, at least one of which is believed to have been a suicide bombing, struck the airport early this morning, and an hour later another bomb hit the subway station. There are… Continue reading Terror attacks in Brussels kill at least 34, story developing