Asia/Africa update: May 26 2017

PHILIPPINES Fighting between government forces and ISIS-aligned Islamist militants is ongoing in the southern city of Marawi, with yesterday’s government artillery barrages and airstrikes apparently having done little to dislodge the insurgents. Philippine officials say that Abu Sayyaf boss Isnilon Hapilon, whose arrest they were seeking in the raid that started this whole situation earlier… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: May 26 2017

Conflict update: February 24 2017

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION: A LAND OF CONTRADICTIONS TOTAL BULLSHIT Say, this is interesting: Analysts at the Homeland Security Department’s intelligence arm found insufficient evidence that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries included in President Donald Trump’s travel ban pose a terror threat to the United States. A draft document obtained by The Associated Press concludes that… Continue reading Conflict update: February 24 2017

Too many Lamas

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th and current Dalai Lama, is 81 years old. Even for somebody living well, as he seems to be, that’s a long time to be alive, and when any major religious or political figure makes it into old age it’s natural to talk about succession. But the question of whether there will… Continue reading Too many Lamas

You need to watch this investigation into the Rohingya genocide

Al Jazeera has put together a remarkable investigation into the Burmese government’s complicity in the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, a genocide that a report from the International State Crime Initiative at Queen Mary University of London says is entering its “final stages,” with the Rohingya on the verge of… Continue reading You need to watch this investigation into the Rohingya genocide

Is Myanmar criminalizing being a Muslim, or what?

Myanmar’s parliament just passed two bills, whose details are unknown, that reportedly aim to criminalize extramarital affairs and make it harder for people to change religion. Freedom, how does it work, am I right? It doesn’t take much in the way of psychic abilities to figure that these laws are aimed squarely at Myanmar’s Muslim… Continue reading Is Myanmar criminalizing being a Muslim, or what?