World update: April 3 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA An explosion in Raqqa injured several people and may have killed at least two on Wednesday, but there have been conflicting reports on what caused the explosion and how many casualties ensued. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that ISIS suicide bombers attacked a Syrian Democratic Forces office in the city.… Continue reading World update: April 3 2019

World update: April 2 2019

Don’t forget I’m moving to Substack! For this first week at the new site I’m posting updates there and here, but as of next week will no longer be active. You’ll need to head over to Substack and subscribe, so why not do that today? MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Although they declared victory over ISIS more… Continue reading World update: April 2 2019

Asia/Africa update: February 25 2019

ASIA KAZAKHSTAN Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev appointed a new prime minister on Monday–Askar Mamin, who had previously served as first deputy PM. Nazarbayev forced the resignation of his entire cabinet last week, citing its economic policy failures. KASHMIR India and Pakistan are both mobilizing their forces in Kashmir, and Kashmiris living along the Line of… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 25 2019

World update: February 19 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Six civilians were killed by a roadside bomb in Laghman province on Tuesday. No group has claimed responsibility but the Taliban are likely culprits given the location. At LobeLog, journalist Alia Ahmed lays out a path forward for Afghanistan as peace talks continue between the US and the Taliban: In this phase, the… Continue reading World update: February 19 2019

Asia/Africa update: February 6 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN After trading assertions and denials all day, the Trump administration and the Taliban concluded that there is no timetable for a US withdrawal from Afghanistan. So pretty much where they were before the day started. Earlier on Wednesday, Russian media quoted a Taliban negotiator saying that the US had agreed to pull half… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 6 2019

Asia/Africa update: February 5 2019

ASIA KAZAKHSTAN Nursultan Nazarbayev on Tuesday denied reports that he’s planning to call a snap election. Nazarbayev had set off speculation by inquiring as to the constitutional length of his presidential term. Apparently, though, he wasn’t doing so in order to stand for reelection. Instead, Nazarbayev wanted to know what powers he would retain after… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 5 2019

Asia/Africa update: February 1 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban attacked a military checkpoint in Sar-e Pol Province on Thursday night, killing at least six soldiers according to provincial officials. Nine Taliban fighters are believed to have been killed in the battle. PHILIPPINES The Washington Post reports on Marawi, the Philippine city that was effectively captured by jihadist fighters in May 2017… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 1 2019