Free political advice

Any candidates or would-be candidates out there who might happen upon this, let me offer you some advice. I am not a veteran of the war room or the trenches or whatever dumb war metaphor you people like to use to describe taking money from very rich people to pay for the advice of other… Continue reading Free political advice

She seems nice

Carly Fiorina, the Guinness record holder among US presidential candidates for quickest trip from “you know, she might have a chance at winning this thing” to “who?” in the television era, whose campaign now subsists largely on Ted Cruz’s charity, has taken up a new vocation: accosting preschoolers. Carly Fiorina has been accused of “ambushing”… Continue reading She seems nice

Putting the blame right where it belongs

Here’s an interesting bit of campaign trivia: apparently Carly Fiorina has been stiffing contractors from her failed 2010 Senate campaign for five years now, and only deigned to start paying them after she decided to run for president. No, really: Famed California pollster Joe Shumate was found dead in his home one month before Election… Continue reading Putting the blame right where it belongs

Carly Fiorina and the truth are on a trial separation

Maybe there’s something about the “ex-CEO who wants to be president” personality type that just inherently makes one a liar, but Carly Fiorina is apparently taking the “Mitt” Romney “reality is subjective” route in the 2016 campaign. Here’s a sample of her whoppers: She flat-out lied, and is still lying, about what she saw on… Continue reading Carly Fiorina and the truth are on a trial separation

Full credit for faking it

I spared myself most of last night’s low-budget remake of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie marathon Republican debate, but the conventional wisdom seems to be coalescing over a couple of related points: Donald Trump was the night’s big loser, in part because Carly Fiorina was the night’s big winner Now, the media that appears to… Continue reading Full credit for faking it

Here are a bunch of crazy things that got said in the GOP debates yesterday

Despite feeling like I would much rather have been regrouting the bathroom tile or mulching my yard or something, I really did try to watch both of the Republican debates yesterday. I guess I could try to write some kind of analytical thing about what was said, but as that would risk imparting a level… Continue reading Here are a bunch of crazy things that got said in the GOP debates yesterday