Middle East update: March 8 2018

SYRIA Yesterday the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that pro-government forces had split Eastern Ghouta in two, but today the word is they’re only “poised” to split it in two, so I guess the SOHR jumped the gun a bit. On the other hand this new report is coming from the rebels, so they… Continue reading Middle East update: March 8 2018

World update: December 15 2017

IMPORTANT SITE UPDATE: All this time, without realizing it, I’ve had accelerated mobile posting turned on and as a result anybody coming to this site via a mobile link has been landing on a dull AMP page rather than the nice premium (as in I’m paying for it) theme page that I specifically chose for this… Continue reading World update: December 15 2017

Europe/Americas update: November 27 2017

Obviously I’ve been away for a bit. I’m not going to even begin to cover everything that’s happened in the past week, but I will try to get caught up on a few major things. ENVIRONMENT Keep eating French fries–it turns out your fast food addiction could be saving the planet: Fatty acids released into… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: November 27 2017

Middle East update: October 25 2017

IRAQ The Iraqi military has started dropping leaflets on the western Anbar towns of Qaim and Rawa, and their environs, in what sure seems like the prelude to a resumption of their offensive in that part of the country. The leaflets say, in part, that “your security forces are now coming to liberate you.” The… Continue reading Middle East update: October 25 2017

World update: September 11 2017

Family obligations take precedence this evening, so today you’re getting a very short mid-day news update. Enjoy! MIDDLE EAST WAR ON TERROR While ISIS is losing territory all over the place, in general things in the MENA region continue to be horrifying: The number of children recruited to fight in conflicts across the Middle East… Continue reading World update: September 11 2017

Europe/Americas update: June 23 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA In what is a strong contender for least surprising news of 2017, Russia’s electoral commission has said that potential presidential candidate Alexei Navalny will not be allowed to run for office because of a past criminal conviction. Navalny wasn’t going to win the 2018 election anyway, but his presence in the race might… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 23 2017

The trouble with principles

Today was a jam-packed day here at attwiw HQ. Well, not really, but as you can tell I didn’t have a lot of time to write today for a variety of mundane reasons and also because some days the words don’t come out so easily, you know? So you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for… Continue reading The trouble with principles