Europe/Americas update: October 10 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Finnish media is reporting that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may meet in Helsinki again next spring. Hey, it was so much fun the first time around, why not? ROMANIA Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor warned at a conference on Wednesday that Russia “is using the Black Sea to project force in the eastern… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 10 2018

World update: October 1 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan security forces on Sunday night raided the home of Atallah Safi, a candidate for parliament in Kunar province, killing three of his bodyguards. Two additional people were reportedly arrested for some reason–no explanation for the raid has been forthcoming. PAKISTAN The Pakistani government has reduced the Chinese loan backing a major Belt and Road… Continue reading World update: October 1 2018

World update: September 27 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan President Ashraf Ghani visited the city of Ghazni on Thursday and was greeted by two Taliban rockets that landed near the facility where he was meeting with local officials. There’s been no report of any casualties. In happier news, the US used an F-35 in combat for the first time on Thursday… Continue reading World update: September 27 2018

Europe/Americas update: August 29 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA While refusing to entirely do away with his government’s proposed retirement age increase, Russian President Vladimir Putin did tone down the plan a bit on Wednesday by lowering the proposed new retirement age for women to 60, down from 63 in the initial proposal (though still up from 55 currently). Putin argued that… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: August 29 2018

World update: March 10-11 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least 24 Afghan soldiers were killed on Saturday in Farah province when, while assembling for an operation, they were attacked by the Taliban. In related news, the Taliban have apparently been telling religious scholars not to attend a conference later this month in Indonesia that is supposed to build momentum for negotiations… Continue reading World update: March 10-11 2018

World update: March 5 2018

ASIA PAKISTAN The broad realignment of South Asian geopolitics is really going full-bore these days. There’s the burgeoning US-India relationship that coincides with serious problems in the US-Pakistan relationship, and the reverse is happening in Russia’s relations with both countries. The Russia-India relationship remains pretty strong at the moment, but it might not for much… Continue reading World update: March 5 2018

World update: January 23 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The fact that America’s intervention in Afghanistan is in year 17 should be bad enough. The only lesson the US foreign policy establishment seems to have learned from Vietnam is that you can’t lose if you don’t stop fighting, even if the only reason you’re still fighting is so you don’t have to… Continue reading World update: January 23 2018