Staring down prejudice in your cap and gown

As a matter of principle, I agree with Gabriel Arana when he writes this (fair warning, this is Bill Maher-related): But he should speak at Berkeley. I won’t argue that prejudice against Muslims isn’t “dangerous.” But bad ideas, like family secrets, are less harmful when exposed. In this case, Maher’s views should be aired and… Continue reading Staring down prejudice in your cap and gown

The looming commencement address apocalypse

So one of the big stories today was that the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, withdrew from her planned commencement speaker gig at Smith College because students and faculty had protested her selection. She is but the latest in a recent string of would-be commencement honorees who have chosen to, or been forced… Continue reading The looming commencement address apocalypse