World update: October 4 2018

attwiw is taking the long weekend off, so these will be our last updates until Tuesday. Thanks for reading! ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least five Afghan civilians were killed Thursday in three separate and so far unclaimed bombings--one in Kandahar province, one in Nangarhar province, and the third in Kabul. US officials announced on Thursday that … Continue reading World update: October 4 2018


Europe/Americas update: January 31 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Russian journalist Kamil Galeev reports on Moscow's efforts to stifle separatist impulses in one of its own troublesome ethnic regions--Tatarstan: In September 2017, Russia’s central government started to enforce Putin’s instructions and push local governments into abolishing local language courses in the ethnic republics. Such measures, introduced at the beginning of an academic … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 31 2018