World update: February 17-18 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has now had a second provincial governor tell him to get bent when Ghani tried to sack him. Ghani tried, and has apparently failed, to can Abdul Karim Khadam, governor of Samangan Province. Khadam is a member of the Jamiat-e Islami party along with Atta Muhammad Nur, the governor of… Continue reading World update: February 17-18 2018

Europe/Americas update: February 1-2 2018

EUROPE UKRAINE Al Jazeera reports on the largely ignored plight of Crimean Tatars, who never wanted the Russian annexation and have been paying for it ever since: The Kremlin praises Crimea’s “comeback to Russia” as bloodless and voluntary.   But a day before the March 18, 2014 “referendum”, Tatar activist Reshat Ametov was found dead… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 1-2 2018

Europe/Americas update: October 25 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Moscow is planning to test its new intercontinental ballistic missile, the RS-28 Sarmat, twice before the end of the year. The Sarmat was supposed to be tested in March but that’s been delayed. Actually, if you want to be all nitpicky about it, the Sarmat was really supposed to be tested in 2015, but… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 25 2017

Europe/Americas update: October 11 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Moscow says it may order further staff cuts to the US mission in Russia, down to 300 persons. When the Russians ordered the US to cut its staff back to 455, the same as the number of Russian diplomatic personnel in the US, they decided to include people working for the Russian mission… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 11 2017

World update: September 11 2017

Family obligations take precedence this evening, so today you’re getting a very short mid-day news update. Enjoy! MIDDLE EAST WAR ON TERROR While ISIS is losing territory all over the place, in general things in the MENA region continue to be horrifying: The number of children recruited to fight in conflicts across the Middle East… Continue reading World update: September 11 2017

Cutting off Crimea

On Sunday, saboteurs in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region blew up one of the electrical towers that carries the main power lines from the mainland into Crimea, cutting those lines and leaving the Russian-claimed peninsula without electricity. Some power has been restored to Crimean cities using generators, but most of the peninsula is still in the… Continue reading Cutting off Crimea

The Crimean Tatars are not the stuff your dentist scrapes off of your teeth

Now that the whole world is paying attention to Crimea for the first time in about 160 years, it’s becoming apparent that a disturbing number of people still think that the proper name for the Turkic inhabitants of Crimea is “Tartars.” CNN-International, which you would think should know better, was calling them Tartars all day… Continue reading The Crimean Tatars are not the stuff your dentist scrapes off of your teeth