Europe/Americas update: March 5 2019

CLIMATE CHANGE Hey, this seems bad maybe: Global warming is gradually increasing the average temperature of the oceans, but the new research is the first systematic global analysis of ocean heatwaves, when temperatures reach extremes for five days or more. The research found heatwaves are becoming more frequent, prolonged and severe, with the number of… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 5 2019

World update: March 4 2019

I’ve got some things to take care of this evening, so today’s update is a little truncated and early. Back for more tomorrow. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Forces are making slow progress in their offensive to capture the border town of Baghouz and with it ISIS’s last enclave of Syrian territory. Around 500… Continue reading World update: March 4 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 25 2019

So this post began as a world update, but then some extremely extra stuff happened around Kashmir and so I broke the Asia-Africa material out into its own post, which is now here. EUROPE CYPRUS ExxonMobil is expected to announce soon that it’s discovered a major gas field off of Cyprus’s southern coast. This could… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 25 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 23-24 2019

EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION The European Union is reportedly trying to expand its Libyan concentration camp model to the rest of Africa, but for some reason the African Union is resisting. The EU has an agreement with the Libyan government, such as it is, that allows it to return migrants from Libya, when picked up in… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 23-24 2019

World update: February 14 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry confirmed (sort of) on Thursday that his government will host another round of peace talks between the Afghan Taliban and the United States, but did not specify when that round will take place. The Taliban say they’re meeting with US representatives in Islamabad on February 18, ahead of… Continue reading World update: February 14 2019

World update: January 30 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban is trying to assure other Afghans that, if it does conclude a peace deal with the US and US forces do withdraw from Afghanistan, they’re not looking to seize total control of the country again: The statement Wednesday by Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen appears aimed at easing fears among those worried… Continue reading World update: January 30 2019

Europe/Americas update: January 19-20 2019

EUROPE SERBIA An estimated 10,000 people, organized by an umbrella opposition group called “the Alliance for Serbia,” protested in Belgrade on Saturday night against the government of President Aleksandar Vučić. These rallies are organized by Vučić’s political opponents and so their ultimate goal is to oust him and his Serbian Progressive Party from power. But… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 19-20 2019