World update, part 2: March 27 2019

Hello and welcome to our next-to-last week here at WordPress! I’m packing things up and moving to Substack starting next week, when I’ll be posting in both places by way of transitioning to the new site. AFRICA LIBYA The Libyan and Egyptian governments have reached a preliminary agreement on a mechanism for processing Egyptian workers’… Continue reading World update, part 2: March 27 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 25 2019

So this post began as a world update, but then some extremely extra stuff happened around Kashmir and so I broke the Asia-Africa material out into its own post, which is now here. EUROPE CYPRUS ExxonMobil is expected to announce soon that it’s discovered a major gas field off of Cyprus’s southern coast. This could… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 25 2019

World update: November 17-18 2018

Our technical problems have been resolved so I’m going to give this a shot, but it’ll be a rush job so apologies for that. As I said in that earlier post the Thanksgiving holiday means that this will be our last set of updates until next week, though the site isn’t going completely dark. We’ll… Continue reading World update: November 17-18 2018

Europe/Americas update: November 12 2018

EUROPE CYPRUS The Cypriot governments opened two border crossings between the country’s Turkish and Greek regions on Monday. The openings went relatively peacefully and are seen as a critical step toward resuming talks on reunifying the island nation, which has been divided since a 1974 pro-Greek coup in Nicosia prompted a Turkish invasion and occupation… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: November 12 2018

Europe/Americas update: October 26 2018

EUROPE CYPRUS Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı met on Friday for the first time in six months and agreed to open two additional border crossings between the two halves of the country. The goodwill gesture is meant to build momentum toward possibly giving peace talks another crack. RUSSIA Donald Trump has… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 26 2018

World update: September 5 2018

This evening’s updates may be a little less verbose than usual because I’ll be out for a while watching some people do a live podcast or something in DC. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. ASIA AFGHANISTAN A double-tap suicide bombing on a wrestling club in Kabul on Wednesday killed at least… Continue reading World update: September 5 2018

World update: April 12 2018

Kind of a crazy day here at attwiw HQ, so this is going to be truncated and it will go out much earlier than usual. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA According to Russian sources Eastern Ghouta is now entirely in Syrian control. As to the expected US et al response to Saturday’s alleged chemical weapons attack in… Continue reading World update: April 12 2018