Emergency Brexit

His work (?) done, would-be UK prime minister Boris Johnson is slinking out the back door instead of, as expected, campaigning to replace David Cameron: The battle for the Conservative leadership was dramatically transformed today after Boris Johnson ruled himself out of the race. It followed the shock declaration from Michael Gove that he would throw his… Continue reading Emergency Brexit

Corrections, 10 Downing Street Edition

I have to cop to a failure here: on Tuesday, when I tried to very superficially summarize the Panama Papers leak, I noted that the two biggest stories coming out of the document dump so far were the revelations about Vladimir Putin’s potentially massive illicit financial network and the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister. But… Continue reading Corrections, 10 Downing Street Edition

Ah, democracy in action

It’s always nice to see a good man or lady being rewarded for their commitment to public service by being reelected in a free and fair election, and today we’re blessed to have two such occurrences to celebrate. Lucky us! First, in Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir was returned to office for another five year term… Continue reading Ah, democracy in action

G-20 leaders have hissy fit while Ukraine keeps burning

The chilly reception that Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly received at this weekend’s G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, could have been predicted a month ago, when Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced his plan to “shirtfront” (Australian rules football slang for roughing an opponent up) Putin regarding July’s downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 near… Continue reading G-20 leaders have hissy fit while Ukraine keeps burning