World update: March 12 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN In addition to its ongoing, now several days long campaign in Afghanistan’s Badghis province, the Taliban have also apparently been active recently in Ghazni province, and an airstrike there on Tuesday reportedly killed at least seven Taliban fighters. There are several unconfirmed reports of multiple civilian casualties from the same strike, with one… Continue reading World update: March 12 2019

World update: March 9-10 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN US airstrikes in Nangarhar province on Saturday killed at least 13 Afghan civilians. The Pentagon categorized these as “precision airstrikes” and blamed the Taliban for using human shields. MYANMAR Fighters with the Arakan Army rebel group attacked a police outpost in Rakhine state on Saturday night, killing nine police officers. The Arakan Army,… Continue reading World update: March 9-10 2019

World update: March 8 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Forces militia has given the people remaining in Baghouz until Saturday afternoon to evacuate/surrender before it resumes its offensive to take the town from ISIS. Thousands of people have fled Baghouz over the past few weeks in response to the SDF’s advance, mostly civilians but with a few hundred… Continue reading World update: March 8 2019

World update: February 27 2019

ASIA KASHMIR I wish I could say things are cooling off here, but, well, that would be a lie. Both Pakistan and India claim to have shot down one another’s aircraft on Wednesday, after the Pakistanis apparently carried out an airstrike on Indian territory. The Pakistanis claim they shot down two Indian planes and initially… Continue reading World update: February 27 2019

World update: February 22 2019

ASIA PAKISTAN The Financial Action Task Force warned Pakistan on Friday that if it doesn’t clean up its links to extremist groups by May it will likely land itself on the FATF’s blacklist. Pakistan is currently on the group’s “gray” list, which makes it harder for Islamabad to access international funds, but getting bumped to… Continue reading World update: February 22 2019

World update: February 2-3 2019

ASIA KASHMIR Between the security measures and the general strike called by separatists, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Kashmir on Sunday virtually shut down the province. Modi was there to kick off a slate of development projects meant to somehow make the Kashmiri people appreciate being governed by India despite the frequent security… Continue reading World update: February 2-3 2019

Asia/Africa update: February 1 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban attacked a military checkpoint in Sar-e Pol Province on Thursday night, killing at least six soldiers according to provincial officials. Nine Taliban fighters are believed to have been killed in the battle. PHILIPPINES The Washington Post reports on Marawi, the Philippine city that was effectively captured by jihadist fighters in May 2017… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 1 2019