World update: April 9 2018

ASIA AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev should win another seven year term on Wednesday, particularly given that his opposition is boycotting the election. Aliyev, who is amazingly only 56 even though it seems like he's been in power in Azerbaijan since the late Middle Ages (it's been 15 years) is running against seven other candidates … Continue reading World update: April 9 2018


Europe/Americas update: May 12-15 2017

WANNA CRY? The weekend's big news was the huge WannaCry cyber attack that hit an estimated 300,000 computers across 150 companies, locking them up and demanding ransom payments for releasing them. Major corporations and government offices--in particular Britain's National Health Service--were crippled for much of the weekend. The outbreak appears to have been brought under control … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: May 12-15 2017

Conflict update: April 29-30 2017

COMMITMENT TO HUMAN RIGHTS The Trump administration's commitment to human rights is so vast, so resolute, that its UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, strong-armed the UN Security Council into holding a special session on the topic just a couple of weeks ago. How is America championing human rights today? Let's check: When President Trump called President Rodrigo Duterte … Continue reading Conflict update: April 29-30 2017

Hopes for war once again dashed by peace, thanks Obama

As they said they would, this morning the Iranians released all ten of those detained US sailors and their boats. It seems pretty apparent (because the US isn't challenging it) that both boats did somehow slip into Iranian territorial waters before they were picked up by the Revolutionary Guard Navy, although the initial story that … Continue reading Hopes for war once again dashed by peace, thanks Obama