Asia/Africa update: September 12 2017

ASIA AZERBAIJAN The Azerbaijani government is threatening to stop cooperating militarily with Western nations unless those Western nations cram it with respect to Azerbaijan’s lousy human rights record. Unfortunately for Baku, Azerbaijan’s military assistance just isn’t that crucial to Western interests. Officially it’s helped out with peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan, and its… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 12 2017

World update: September 1 2017

In an effort to not be up until 2 AM for a change, and in the absence of what seems to be much major news out of Europe or the Americas, I’m going to wrap things up early today and call it a night. Thanks for reading! ASIA UZBEKISTAN Uzbekistan has dramatically reduced the size… Continue reading World update: September 1 2017

World update, August 29 2017

I’m going to be out this evening so you’ll have to make do with a compressed afternoon news update today. MIDDLE EAST IRAQ Iraqi forces are clearing out Tal Afar while also pressing their advance against the remaining ISIS forces in the nearby town of Ayadiyah. It’s still too early to say what kind of… Continue reading World update, August 29 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 28 2017

NORTH KOREA Tuesday is a day ending in the letter y, so I guess that means North Korea shot something into the ocean again. This time Pyongyang fired a projectile that flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. It was probably an intermediate-range ballistic missile, but as this… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 28 2017

World update: August 17-18 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN One US soldier was killed late Wednesday in fighting with ISIS in Nangarhar province. On Friday, seven people were killed in two incidents in Herat province–one involving a roadside bomb, the other fighting between rival Taliban gangs. The influential governor of Balkh province, Atta Mohammad Noor, has been accused (along with his sons)… Continue reading World update: August 17-18 2017

World update: August 16 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Former US ambassador to Afghanistan Ronald Neumann writes that, outward appearances to the contrary I guess, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is reforming the country, starting with its top military brass. The issue, Neumann says, is that the country is so corrupt that Ghani can’t tackle all the challenges at once and progress will… Continue reading World update: August 16 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 10-11 2017

NORTH KOREA How are America and North Korea careening toward a nuclear exchange today, you ask? The answer: more pointlessly aggressive rhetoric from the more reckless of the two nations’ leaders, which in a strange turn of events happens currently to be the president of the United States: President Donald Trump says the US military… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 10-11 2017