Europe/Americas update: September 19-20 2017

WAR ON TERROR Folks, if you're like me and you spend any time on Twitter, you may think that it's home to some of the worst people in the world. And you're not wrong. However, as a non-Instagram user I was surprised to learn that things may be even worse over there: Researchers say Islamic … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 19-20 2017


Europe/Americas update: June 22 2017

EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION The EU has announced agreement on a handful of collective defense measures: European Union leaders launched their the most ambitious defense plan for decades on Thursday, agreeing a multi-billion-euro weapons fund, shared financing for battlegroups and allowing a coalition of the willing to conduct more missions abroad. It comes as tensions with Moscow … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 22 2017

Europe/Americas update: May 12-15 2017

WANNA CRY? The weekend's big news was the huge WannaCry cyber attack that hit an estimated 300,000 computers across 150 companies, locking them up and demanding ransom payments for releasing them. Major corporations and government offices--in particular Britain's National Health Service--were crippled for much of the weekend. The outbreak appears to have been brought under control … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: May 12-15 2017

Conflict update, April 26 2017

SYRIA UPDATE: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that there's been an explosion and fire at Damascus International Airport. No cause has been suggested. As promised, the French government has produced proof that Bashar al-Assad's government was behind the April 4 chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun--and as expected, it's somewhat less than meets … Continue reading Conflict update, April 26 2017

Ukraine reminds everybody that it’s still there and still at war

Per Vox's Zach Beauchamp, it looks as though violence is back on the rise in eastern Ukraine: The resumption of hostilities in Ukraine, with exchanges of machine gun and mortar fire across the front line up to levels not seen since last summer, suggests a willingness by Russia, which supports the rebels in eastern Ukraine, … Continue reading Ukraine reminds everybody that it’s still there and still at war