World update: May 23 2018

ASIA AZERBAIJAN One reason why Nagorno-Karabakh remains a potential flashpoint is because of the hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis who were displaced during the 1988-1994 Nagorno Karabakh War, many of whom still have designs on returning home: According to the UN, about 860,000 people were forced to flee either Armenia proper or Azerbaijani territory occupied by local… Continue reading World update: May 23 2018

Asia/Africa update: May 22 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A car bomb killed at least 16 people and wounded 38 others in Kandahar on Tuesday. Afghan authorities were attempting to defuse the bomb, which they believe was going to be used for a much larger attack during the upcoming Eid celebration at the end of Ramadan, when it exploded. There’s not much… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: May 22 2018

World update: May 14 2018

FYI, tomorrow night’s updates will be it until next Tuesday. For family reasons I’ll be unavailable later this week, and I need a day or two to wrap up a few obligations beforehand. It also feels like a good time to take a little break. Not that I don’t enjoy doing this but between the… Continue reading World update: May 14 2018

Asia/Africa update: June 2 2017

PHILIPPINES At this point, from where I sit, there is almost nothing about Friday’s attack on the Resorts World Manila casino that makes sense. The death toll now stands at 38, including the lone attacker, who either died of gunshot wounds or self-immolation. The other 37 seem to have all died of causes related to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: June 2 2017

Asia/Africa update, May 12-15 2017

AZERBAIJAN The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on Monday that it destroyed an Armenian air-defense system, plus crew, in its breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region. Separatist sources reported that the system was damaged but that there were no casualties, and then seemed to suggest there would be a reprisal of some sort. AFGHANISTAN China held its big Belt… Continue reading Asia/Africa update, May 12-15 2017

Good news on the Ebola front

Potentially huge progress has been made in terms of developing an Ebola vaccine: When Ebola flared up in a village, researchers vaccinated all the contacts of the sick person who were willing – the family, friends and neighbours – and their immediate contacts. Children, adolescents and pregnant women were excluded because of an absence of… Continue reading Good news on the Ebola front

Sierra Leone cancels Christmas

That headline is too flippant, because this is actually a serious situation. I mentioned a few weeks ago that there were signs the Ebola outbreak was coming under control in Liberia; well, the opposite has been true in Sierra Leone: The outbreak of the Ebola virus continues to devastate Sierra Leone, where the number of… Continue reading Sierra Leone cancels Christmas