Middle East update: May 27-29 2017

IRAQ The main story here is that the final phase (or, I guess, the first part of the final phase) of the Mosul operation has begun. On Saturday, Iraqi forces began their effort to clear the last section of western Mosul, including the Old City, of ISIS insurgents. Federal police are still anchoring the line … Continue reading Middle East update: May 27-29 2017


Conflict update: April 29-30 2017

COMMITMENT TO HUMAN RIGHTS The Trump administration's commitment to human rights is so vast, so resolute, that its UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, strong-armed the UN Security Council into holding a special session on the topic just a couple of weeks ago. How is America championing human rights today? Let's check: When President Trump called President Rodrigo Duterte … Continue reading Conflict update: April 29-30 2017