Today in Black History: Eli Whitney, wait what the fu

Please help me for a moment. yearly reminder that half the country was incorrectly taught that eli whitney was black — Rembert Browne (@rembert) February 1, 2017 I’m so sheltered that not only did I not learn that Eli Whitney–this guy: was Actually Black, I didn’t even know that learning that Eli Whitney Was Actually… Continue reading Today in Black History: Eli Whitney, wait what the fu

The politics of teaching foreign languages in Turkey

It isn’t often that you’ll see me unabashedly defend Tayyip Erdoğan over anything, but here goes nothing. There was a story in Al-Monitor last week that said that Erdoğan is under a little fire from Turkish secularists over a Ministry of Education plan to start offering Arabic electives to elementary school students as of the… Continue reading The politics of teaching foreign languages in Turkey

Let’s just pretend it never happened

Shouldn’t a high school world history course be allowed to actually cover, I don’t know, world history, without parents threatening the school about it? Kevin Wood was issued a no-trespass order last week after a telephone call with La Plata High Vice Principal Shannon Morris on Thursday. Wood called to air complaints regarding his daughter’s… Continue reading Let’s just pretend it never happened

Choose your own history

A couple of recent items about teaching social sciences kind of struck me, so I’m sharing them with you. First, Talking Points Memo has a piece about the former teacher-turned-crusader who is leading the right-wing backlash to the new AP U.S. History curriculum: This can largely be traced to one man: Retired history teacher Larry… Continue reading Choose your own history

The fight over our own history

A great history course can teach students how to think critically about what they read and hear, to understand the people around them, to appreciate the commonalities that bind us as human beings and the differences that make every society unique and worthy of respect. A great US history course can help students become more… Continue reading The fight over our own history

When ad hominem isn’t a fallacy

Look, Campbell Brown shouldn’t have her views on education reform attacked because of her looks, and people who think that she should somehow be prevented from sharing her opinion because of who her husband is or what political party she belongs to are wrong. But when she’s the point person for a “reform” movement that… Continue reading When ad hominem isn’t a fallacy

Today in “don’t do that”

On the one hand, we have the Rialto Unified School District, located just east of Los Angeles. For some reason, some of their eighth grade teachers thought it would be a good idea to give their students a “critical thinking exercise” that asked them to “write an argumentative essay, utilizing cited textual evidence, in which… Continue reading Today in “don’t do that”