Conflict update: April 3 2017

BREAKING: NOTHING MUCH HAPPENED One of the reasons I don’t post these earlier in the day is because HUGE BREAKING NEWS MUST CREDIT GUY WHO HELPED SELL IRAQ WAR stories are often later shown to be no big deal. To wit: Nothing in this story indicates anything improper whatsoever nor does it explain or justify… Continue reading Conflict update: April 3 2017

Stealing money from Bad countries is OK, right?

Eli Lake, whose credibility fell off a wall and shattered sometime around 2003 and still hasn’t been put back together, despite the best efforts of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, is very mad today because the United States is sending military aid to Iran (when we should be sending cruise missiles… Continue reading Stealing money from Bad countries is OK, right?

Phantom shift

Virtually since the Iran nuclear talks began, it’s been an article of faith among right-wing deal opponents that the United States is about to shift its Middle Eastern loyalties away from the Saudis and toward the Iranians. This would be Bad, we’re told, because it would strengthen a malign regional actor whose muscular foreign interventionism… Continue reading Phantom shift

Fighting Barack Obama’s (?) Politics of Fear on Iran

Folks, Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake is mad that President Obama is scaring people about the Iran deal. Yes, that’s right, Eli Lake took time out from his busy schedule of scaring people about Saddam Hussein’s WMD, Al-Qaeda’s conference calls, and, uh, the Iran deal, to criticize somebody else for exploiting the “Politics of Fear”:… Continue reading Fighting Barack Obama’s (?) Politics of Fear on Iran