Europe/Americas update: December 16-17 2017

EUROPE FAR-RIGHT Leaders of Europe’s various Nazi cosplayer parties gathered in Prague on Saturday to praise Donald Trump and denounce the European Union. That must have been a real fun time. They wanted to make it clear to people that they “are not xenophobes” (a real thing that Marine Le Pen said), they just hate… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 16-17 2017

World update: September 30-October 1 2017

SPAIN Let’s talk about nationalism for a minute. Nationalism sucks. It’s tribalistic, inherently discriminatory, often violent, exclusionary, and antithetical to values like liberty, egalitarianism, peace, and harmony. Nationalist parties are among the most loathsome political parties in the world: the National Front in France, Britain’s UKIP and the Tory right, Alternative for Germany, Turkey’s MTP,… Continue reading World update: September 30-October 1 2017

Europe/Americas update: September 4-5 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA At the BRICS summit in China on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said that Donald Trump is “not my bride.” This huge revelation was Putin’s way of saying he’s not disappointed with Trump because “disappointment” isn’t a thing that world leaders should be with one another. In that sense I actually agree with him. Putin… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 4-5 2017

Europe/Americas update: September 2-3 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Russia has vacated the three US diplomatic posts it was ordered to vacate last week, but the Kremlin is making sure everybody knows how Mad it is about having to do so: “We treat these developments as a blatantly hostile act, a grave violation by Washington of international law,” the Russian foreign ministry… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 2-3 2017

Europe/Americas update: May 8-11 2017

BEST FOOT FORWARD I don’t have much to add to the conflagration over Donald Trump’s decision to fire the guy investigating his possible ties to Russia–I recommend Benjamin Wittes and Susan Hennessey on this if you’re not already oversaturated about it. But I do think it’s worth understanding how the banana republicification of our government… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: May 8-11 2017

Conflict update: February 7 2017

OK, so…this could get long. Sorry. That’s what happens when I’m away for a few days. #ThanksTrump I almost feel like I should start each of these with a quick roundup of the miscellaneous ways Donald Trump is fucking up around the world. For example: When President Trump makes a formal state visit to the… Continue reading Conflict update: February 7 2017

Conflict update: January 18 2017

NOTHING MATTERS LOL ♫ It’s the final countdown… ♫ Marking another milestone for a changing planet, scientists reported on Wednesday that the Earth reached its highest temperature on record in 2016, trouncing a record set only a year earlier, which beat one set in 2014. It is the first time in the modern era of… Continue reading Conflict update: January 18 2017