World update: June 23-24 2018

I’m going to be away for most of the next two weeks so these will be our last major updates until July 5. ASIA AFGANISTAN Though the Taliban declined to extend their recent mutual ceasefire with Kabul, there is hope among some analysts that the brief truce may have improved the conditions for negotiating a… Continue reading World update: June 23-24 2018

World update: May 4 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Taliban fighters on Thursday night took control of the district of Kohistan, in Badakhshan province. At least 15 Afghan security officers were killed in the fighting before the Afghans were forced to retreat when requested supplies and reinforcements failed to arrive. This is the third district the Taliban have taken in Badakhshan, a province that… Continue reading World update: May 4 2018

Asia/Africa update: March 17-18 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN It was another weekend packed with attacks. On Sunday, five people were wounded in Kabul in what appears to have been a failed suicide attack that has not been claimed. The attacker’s bomb vest apparently failed to explode and so he detonated a grenade instead to considerably less effect. The nature of the… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 17-18 2018

Asia/Africa update: March 14-15 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Another likely Taliban attack on a checkpoint in Farah province on Wednesday killed 10 members of the Afghan security services. Farah’s provincial council has requested reinforcements from Kabul to help stabilize the province. Additionally, a truck bombing on Wednesday in Helmand province reportedly killed at least two Afghan border guards. PAKISTAN The Pakistani… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 14-15 2018

Asia/Africa update: January 31 2018

ASIA UZBEKISTAN Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev canned Rustam Inoyatov from his position as head of the country’s National Security Service–or, rather, he “promoted” Inoyatov to a presidential advisory position, which is practically the same thing. Inoyatov, along with Mirziyoyev and former Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov, was part of a triumvirate that was expected to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 31 2018

World update: January 23 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The fact that America’s intervention in Afghanistan is in year 17 should be bad enough. The only lesson the US foreign policy establishment seems to have learned from Vietnam is that you can’t lose if you don’t stop fighting, even if the only reason you’re still fighting is so you don’t have to… Continue reading World update: January 23 2018

World update: January 18 2018

ASIA KASHMIR At least four people–three of them civilians–were killed on Thursday during an exchange of mortar and gunfire across the Kashmiri line of control. Both Pakistani and Indian forces accused the other side of shooting first. INDIA India, meanwhile, tested a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday, and while your immediate inclination might be… Continue reading World update: January 18 2018