Europe/Americas update: December 16-17 2017

EUROPE FAR-RIGHT Leaders of Europe’s various Nazi cosplayer parties gathered in Prague on Saturday to praise Donald Trump and denounce the European Union. That must have been a real fun time. They wanted to make it clear to people that they “are not xenophobes” (a real thing that Marine Le Pen said), they just hate… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 16-17 2017

Middle East update: July 1-2 2017

SYRIA At least eight people, in addition to the bombers, were killed in Damascus on Sunday in a multiple car bombing. Three cars attempted to get into the central part of the city, but two were stopped at checkpoints and deliberately detonated, so the attack certainly could have been worse. As such the Syrian government… Continue reading Middle East update: July 1-2 2017

Conflict update: April 22-23 2017

FRANCE You may have heard that there was a little presidential election in France today. Well, after a lot of uncertainty and polling and analysis and more polling and oh man that one dude is coming on, what does that mean, this is so unpredictable…it looks like Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will be… Continue reading Conflict update: April 22-23 2017

Worst roller coaster ever

If you’re the kind of person who pays attention to oil prices, then first of all I share your pain and alienation, but second of all, you may have noticed that it’s been doing a lot of rising and falling lately around a midpoint of about $48-$49/barrel. We seem to be in the middle of… Continue reading Worst roller coaster ever

A good con is all in the prep work

Hey, kids, if you want to know how to seed the ground for a bit of a wintertime con job, check out what Vladimir Putin is saying today: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday of the risk of Ukraine siphoning off Russian gas destined for Europe, the Kremlin said. In… Continue reading A good con is all in the prep work