Asia/Africa update: September 18 2018

G’mar Tov to those who are observing Yom Kippur. ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least nine Afghan police officers were killed late Monday in an “insider” attack in Balkh province. As is typical in these sorts of incidents, the officer who attacked the others took their weapons and went off to join the Taliban. MYANMAR The International… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 18 2018

World update: August 22 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban may be attending Afghan peace talks in Russia next month, but the Afghan government said on Wednesday that it will not. Kabul cited its desire for “direct talks” with the Taliban but offered no reason why it up and decided not to go after it initially appeared receptive to the idea… Continue reading World update: August 22 2018

World update: June 1 2018

I’m planning to do something crazy later today and have a nice evening with my family, so we’re shortening things up a bit today. If anything huge happens, please check back later for possible updates. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA According to Rudaw, the YPG is claiming to have attacked two Turkish military bases in Afrin on… Continue reading World update: June 1 2018

World update: April 19 2018

ASIA KYRGYZSTAN The government of Kyrgyz Prime Minister Sapar Isakov lost a very lopsided confidence vote in parliament on Thursday. The move is less about his government’s performance, though it’s hit a couple of rough patches, than about the fact that Isakov is a close ally of former President Almazbek Atambayev. This made him unpalatable to current President… Continue reading World update: April 19 2018