World update: June 8 2018

G7 Well it seems like the G7 is off to a really productive start. And by that I mean nobody stormed out or declared war on anybody else. That’s about all anybody can hope these days. Donald Trump and the other six leaders–each of whom is either pissed at or freaking out over Trump’s protectionism–reportedly… Continue reading World update: June 8 2018

Asia/Africa update: April 3 2018

Hey, how’s it going? Long time no see. As usual when I take an extended break, there’s a lot to get through here and I’m not even going to try to cover every single thing that happened while I was gone. This update is mostly going to consist of stuff that’s happened in the past… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: April 3 2018

World update: March 13 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Another (likely) Taliban attack on a police checkpoint in Farah province left at least five police officers dead on Tuesday. Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis made a surprise visit to the country (always a good sign for the war effort when leaders have to duck in to the country without telling… Continue reading World update: March 13 2018

New Facebook feature

If you’re not following and that’s the way it was on Facebook, I’ve started a new “Born on this Date” feature there where I pick out an interesting historical personage whose birthday it is and write a couple of paragraphs about them. I started yesterday with Vyacheslav Molotov of Molotov-Ribbentrop fame and today I wrote

Say, could these two things be related?

Online journalism is running headlong into its own funeral pyre. Outlets are increasingly turning over content to places like Facebook, where more people might see it, but where it becomes increasingly difficult to find a financial model that can actually sustain the business of paying people to write and report about stuff. Enter Twitter, which… Continue reading Say, could these two things be related?