Europe/Americas update: October 6 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Moscow has started warning that it could retaliate for any harsh treatment its media outlets receive in the US by doing likewise to US outlets in Russia. RT is apparently being asked by the Trump administration to register as a foreign agent and disclose information on its employees, so you might expect to… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 6 2017

A very bad precedent

InfoSec is not something I write about very often, mostly because I know where my limits are at any given time, and because it’s not something I write about it’s unfortunately not something I’m able to follow very closely. But today at Lawfare, Nicholas Weaver does an excellent job of explaining why this Apple dust-up… Continue reading A very bad precedent

Your post-CH counter-terrorism roundup

At least two people are dead and one wounded after a counter-terrorism raid in Verviers, in eastern Belgium. It’s obviously far too early to say whether this was a separate cell or somehow related to the Charle Hebdo attack and its related hostage incidents (or whether it was anything at all, innocent until proven guilty… Continue reading Your post-CH counter-terrorism roundup

The undisclosed evidence better be good

Yesterday I noted that it’s still not clear to a lot of observers that North Korea is actually behind the Sony Pictures hack. Around the time I was writing that post, the FBI was releasing a statement definitively laying responsibility for the hack at Pyongyang’s door. Here’s their case: As a result of our investigation,… Continue reading The undisclosed evidence better be good