World update: March 6 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least two people were killed in Nangarhar province on Tuesday by a sticky bomb attached to a fuel truck. At least three people were wounded, and a number of buildings seem to have been damaged. There’s been no claim of responsibility. INDIA Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited India a couple of weeks ago… Continue reading World update: March 6 2018

Middle East update: February 14 2018

SYRIA One addendum to yesterday’s update. When I cited the New York Times on estimates of Russian casualties in last week’s US airstrikes in Deir Ezzor, I somehow let this gem of a sentence slide past me: The attack occurred in the vicinity of Deir al-Zour, a strategic, oil-rich territory that is coveted by the Syrians.… Continue reading Middle East update: February 14 2018

Middle East update: December 20 2017

SYRIA Overnight airstrikes killed 19 civilians in the rebel-held Idlib village of Maar Shureen, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Russia denied involvement, which means it was likely the Syrian air force that carried out the attack. Witnesses allege that this was a double-tap strike, with a second bombing following shortly after the first… Continue reading Middle East update: December 20 2017

Europe/Americas update: July 12-13 2017

EUROPE CYPRUS Although reunification talks collapsed last week, observers say there are positives to take away from the negotiations. For one thing, Turkey showed more flexibility on the issue of its future military role on the island (there are reports they actually offered to give up any right to intervene to protect Turkish Cypriots, though… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: July 12-13 2017

Conflict update: March 2-5 2017

GOVERNMENT OF THE MARKS There’s long been this narrative on the right that America spends vast sums of money helping feed and clothe the poor around the world while our own people/military/deficit starve/wastes away/balloons. This is, of course, a giant pile of bullshit, maybe the most bullshit of all the bullshit stories the right has… Continue reading Conflict update: March 2-5 2017

Cut off

This is a little blast from the past. It’s nice to see that grifting doesn’t keep paying off indefinitely: The U.S. Agency for International Development announced Monday that it has suspended one of its largest nonprofit contractors from federal work after investigators found “serious misconduct” in the nonprofit’s performance and management of taxpayer money. …… Continue reading Cut off

How to get rich pretending to help other people

Apparently the secret is to affiliate yourself with a church and then go into the international relief and development business: In 1998, an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ and his wife from the war-wrecked region of Bosnia-Herzegovina began a humble international humanitarian effort out of a modest office in downtown Washington. After… Continue reading How to get rich pretending to help other people