Asia/Africa update: January 8 2018

ASIA MYANMAR The trial of two Reuters journalists accused of revealing state secrets under a colonial-era law is set to begin this week. The use of regressive laws to stifle the press is not going over well with activists: Critics and rights groups say that in some respects, press freedom in Myanmar is more restrictive… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 8 2018

Corruption matters

Amid all the post-election “how the hell did we get here” analysis, a lot of which has focused squarely and rightly on the myriad failures of the Democratic Party, another piece of the puzzle has gotten lost a bit, and that has to do with what Donald Trump represented to a lot of voters–a vote… Continue reading Corruption matters

I still don’t know why this surprises anybody

Foreign Policy ran an EXCLUSIVE report on Sunday to the effect that Iran and the Taliban are now collaborating in Afghanistan. They’re sending money, ammo, and small arms (guns and RPGs) over the border to support Taliban fighters. This is BIG NEWS because, obviously, any aid the Taliban get will naturally make it harder for… Continue reading I still don’t know why this surprises anybody

Even Reagan is no Reagan these days

I sense that something…terrible has happened. I wonder what it co- Yep, that’s it. President Obama still has a year and a half left in office, so his record remains incomplete and it is far too early to know how he will be regarded by history. But he does have a sufficient record thus far… Continue reading Even Reagan is no Reagan these days

As soon as Cyrus the Great gets back, we’re all in a lot of trouble

You may remember James Stavridis from such historical thought-crimes as “I don’t know anything about Sunnism, Shiʿism, or the Reformation, so let me write an article that mashes them all together.” Well, he’s back, and better than ever! Oh God, this is going to suuuuck. The headlines: A charismatic and wily Iranian leader seeks to… Continue reading As soon as Cyrus the Great gets back, we’re all in a lot of trouble

A nuclear deal is only the first step

Real life has infringed on blogging today, but I did want to flag this important piece by Stephen Walt from a couple of days ago, explaining why a diplomatic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program can have a deep and lasting impact on the Middle East and America’s role there regardless of the fine… Continue reading A nuclear deal is only the first step

Shot in the dark

Today, in Foreign Policy: I’m not a Pakistan expert by any means, so I could be wrong, but I thought this was an excellent piece and I recommend you check it out. Very critical of Pakistan’s many political and economic failures, particularly its inability or outright lack of desire to do something about the many… Continue reading Shot in the dark