Conflict update: February 7 2017

OK, so…this could get long. Sorry. That’s what happens when I’m away for a few days. #ThanksTrump I almost feel like I should start each of these with a quick roundup of the miscellaneous ways Donald Trump is fucking up around the world. For example: When President Trump makes a formal state visit to the… Continue reading Conflict update: February 7 2017

Fake News and the March to War

Fake news and war have been partners in (literal) crime several times in American history–Remember the Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, the mushroom cloud smoking gun, etc.–so it’s deeply traditional for a mostly fake news outlet like Fox to commemorate the rise of our first Fake News President by bringing us another entry in war-mongering… Continue reading Fake News and the March to War

Please stop ignoring the real bigotry of Ben Carson’s comments

With the full-court right wing press on to rehabilitate Ben Carson’s statement that a Muslim shouldn’t be elected president, it’s worth noting that a lot of people (particularly in the media) seem to be so wrapped up in the “president” part of Carson’s comments that they’re missing what’s really offensive about what he said. It’s… Continue reading Please stop ignoring the real bigotry of Ben Carson’s comments

Why is CNN picking Republican winners and losers too?

Yesterday amid all the Trump-Ailes-Kelly nonsense, I had a Deep Thought: Imagine what a fit Fox would pitch if any other network made itself the main story in a presidential primary. — derek davison (@dwdavison9318) August 11, 2015 It’s true, isn’t it? If CNN or MSNBC, rather than Fox, had pioneered the idea that a… Continue reading Why is CNN picking Republican winners and losers too?

Define “can’t win”

Ezra Klein: In a war with Fox, Trump will likely lose Now Trump and Fox News are at war. And as Nate Silver writes, this is a war Trump probably can’t win. Until now, Trump has mostly been fighting with institutions that Republicans mistrust — like the media, and the Republican establishment in Washington, DC.… Continue reading Define “can’t win”

The Roger Ailes Primary rolls on

Donald Trump is complaining that he was treated unfairly by the three Fox News moderators in last night’s debate, and while nobody should take any of Donald Trump’s whining at face value, it seems pretty clear that the moderators were playing favorites to some degree. While the moderators, especially Megyn Kelly, are getting praised for… Continue reading The Roger Ailes Primary rolls on

The Roger Ailes Primary

Veteran Roger Ailes Expert Gabriel Sherman wrote last week about the most distasteful aspect of this two-part Fox News debate on Thursday: the fact that Roger Ailes is essentially winnowing the Republican field down to 10 candidates at his own whim: As everyone knows by now, Fox has said that only 10 of the 17… Continue reading The Roger Ailes Primary