World update: January 20-21 2018

GUINEA WORM Thanks in large part to the work of the Carter Foundation, Guinea Worm may soon be a thing of the past. Just 30 cases of the condition were reported in 2017, half of them from a single outbreak in Ethiopia and the rest in isolated parts of Chad. Who says we can’t have… Continue reading World update: January 20-21 2018

World update: October 10 2017

I’m wrapping up early tonight to see if I can’t get a decent night’s sleep for a change. See you all tomorrow. MIDDLE EAST IRAQ Haider al-Abadi says ISIS should be defeated entirely in Iraq by the end of the year. Considering how quickly they’ve been losing ground since Mosul was liberated, this isn’t an… Continue reading World update: October 10 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 10-11 2017

NORTH KOREA How are America and North Korea careening toward a nuclear exchange today, you ask? The answer: more pointlessly aggressive rhetoric from the more reckless of the two nations’ leaders, which in a strange turn of events happens currently to be the president of the United States: President Donald Trump says the US military… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 10-11 2017