Europe/Americas update: June 30 2017

I know it’s a little early this evening, but I’m beat and so I’m deciding to call it a night barring some major thing happening. EUROPE CYPRUS There has apparently been progress in Cyprus reunification talks, but not enough to say if or when there might be a deal: Progress has been slow in high-level… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 30 2017

Asia/Africa/Europe update: May 16-17 2017

AFGHANISTAN Afghan forces were able to recapture the Qala-i-Zal district of Kunduz province on Tuesday, ten days after it fell to the Taliban. Meanwhile, in eastern Afghanistan, ISIS claimed credit for an attack on the state TV broadcaster in the city of Jalalabad on Wednesday, in which six people were killed in addition to the… Continue reading Asia/Africa/Europe update: May 16-17 2017

Nullification: a bad idea that refuses to die

Lots of very upset right-wingers are insisting that just because the Supreme Court says state governments have to treat gays like they were people or something, that doesn’t mean they really have to do it. Who made the Supreme Court the boss of everybody, anyway? Well, all I can say is: good luck with that,… Continue reading Nullification: a bad idea that refuses to die

should we call it “lanny davis disease”?

I’m trying to think of the right name for the peculiarly Beltway condition whereby the actual harm a politician does to countless numbers of people while in office can be countered by a story of the one time that politician showed basic human decency to one person in a way that didn’t substantially change anything.… Continue reading should we call it “lanny davis disease”?

you get a cookie, part 1 of ???: cardinal dolan

I’ve decided to start a new feature here at the highly-uninfluential wonderments. Irregularly, as with everything else I do, I’d like to find examples of true compassion, courage, and humanity and highlight those stories, while offering a well-deserved cookie to those who have earned them. Our first tale of decency and kindness, appropriately as we… Continue reading you get a cookie, part 1 of ???: cardinal dolan