Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

It’s been 14 years since George W. Bush declared victory in Iraq. Time flies. So far this year, IraqBodyCount.org says that 5778 Iraqi civilians have been killed as a direct result of the chain of events set off by Bush’s Iraq invasion (we’ll leave aside the ancillary effects of the invasion in, for example, Syria).… Continue reading Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

Well, not *all* of us…

Uh, JEB? How much longer are you gonna keep pushing this obvious lie? How pathetic for @realdonaldtrump to criticize the president for 9/11. We were attacked & my brother kept us safe. — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) October 16, 2015 Unless “us” means JEB and Poppy and Mama Bush, then no, George W. didn’t keep “us”… Continue reading Well, not *all* of us…

Full credit for faking it

I spared myself most of last night’s low-budget remake of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie marathon Republican debate, but the conventional wisdom seems to be coalescing over a couple of related points: Donald Trump was the night’s big loser, in part because Carly Fiorina was the night’s big winner Now, the media that appears to… Continue reading Full credit for faking it

Timing is everything, I guess?

Donald Rumsfeld is questioning George W. Bush’s plans for post-war Iraq, and not a moment too soon only about 12 years too late: The man who once talked about the breakdown of Iraqi society by saying “stuff happens” and “freedom is untidy” told the Times of London on Friday that he didn’t agree with President… Continue reading Timing is everything, I guess?

Has anybody ever actually seen George Bush and Vlad Putin in the same room?

George W. Bush, 2004: Vladimir Putin, 2015: Asked about his biggest regret in life, about what mistake he would not repeat, he offered this gem of a reply. I will be quite frank with you. I cannot recollect anything of the kind. Evidently, God built my life so that I would have nothing to regret. This… Continue reading Has anybody ever actually seen George Bush and Vlad Putin in the same room?

We’re being governed by children

In this case, John Boehner. Speaker of the House isn’t exactly a diplomacy-heavy job, I’ll grant you, but come on: I’m not sure which is worse: the notion that House Speaker John Boehner says ridiculous things to get votes or that the Ohio Republican actually believes his own rhetoric.Take yesterday, for example. As Jay Bookman… Continue reading We’re being governed by children