World update: April 2 2019

Don’t forget I’m moving to Substack! For this first week at the new site I’m posting updates there and here, but as of next week will no longer be active. You’ll need to head over to Substack and subscribe, so why not do that today? MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Although they declared victory over ISIS more… Continue reading World update: April 2 2019

World update, part 2: March 27 2019

Hello and welcome to our next-to-last week here at WordPress! I’m packing things up and moving to Substack starting next week, when I’ll be posting in both places by way of transitioning to the new site. AFRICA LIBYA The Libyan and Egyptian governments have reached a preliminary agreement on a mechanism for processing Egyptian workers’… Continue reading World update, part 2: March 27 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 5 2019

CLIMATE CHANGE Hey call me crazy but this seems pretty freaking bad: Scientists have discovered an enormous void under an Antarctic glacier, sparking concern that the ice sheet is melting faster than anyone had realized — and spotlighting the dire threat posed by rising seas to coastal cities around the world, including New York City and Miami.… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 5 2019

World update: February 4 2019

We’re in the midst of Kumbh Mela, a major Hindu pilgrimage festival that began in mid-January and runs through early March. With apologies for not saying so earlier, best wishes to any Hindu readers who are celebrating. ASIA ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN According to Eurasianet, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev have met “three… Continue reading World update: February 4 2019

Middle East update: January 21 2019

SYRIA It would appear that Monday’s Israeli strikes in Syria are the result of a full weekend of back and forth exchanges with Iranian forces there: The Israeli military said on Monday that it had attacked Iranian military targets in Syria, capping an exchange of blows in a rare, direct confrontation between the two antagonists… Continue reading Middle East update: January 21 2019

Europe/Americas update: January 19-20 2019

EUROPE SERBIA An estimated 10,000 people, organized by an umbrella opposition group called “the Alliance for Serbia,” protested in Belgrade on Saturday night against the government of President Aleksandar Vučić. These rallies are organized by Vučić’s political opponents and so their ultimate goal is to oust him and his Serbian Progressive Party from power. But… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 19-20 2019

Middle East update: January 11 2019

SYRIA We’ll start with the story that came out late in the day, which is that Syrian air defenses have once again fired on targets over Damascus. The Syrian government later identified them as Israeli missiles, some of which struck a warehouse at Damascus International Airport. Syrian authorities did not announce any casualties. But reports… Continue reading Middle East update: January 11 2019