If you can’t win, don’t try

Joseph Kabila, the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, appointed a new prime minister today: Samy Badibanga, a member (I think, we’ll get to that) of the opposition Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) party. Seems like a normal story, right? Presidents appoint prime ministers all the time. The thing is, in… Continue reading If you can’t win, don’t try

Nothing is coming up Nigeria

Earlier today a car bomb killed eight or nine people near the northeastern Nigerian town of Gubio, in that country’s Borno state. On the plus side, it appears that the carnage was confined to the bombers themselves, who were apparently attempting to strike a military checkpoint when their bomb went off. On the minus side,… Continue reading Nothing is coming up Nigeria

A completely avoidable catastrophe

Mosul Dam, which was never structurally sound to begin with, depends on constant maintenance in order to keep it in one piece. Because Iraq is at war with ISIS and is run by a government that’s unable to accomplish even the more critically urgent tasks either out of incompetence or political gridlock, that maintenance isn’t… Continue reading A completely avoidable catastrophe

One way to get rid of a dictator

Unless you’re a regular eBay shopper, here’s something you may have missed: That’s Egyptian president/dictator/pharaoh Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and yes, somebody was trying to sell him yesterday, at least for a few hours before eBay took the listing down. Shockingly there was at least one person somewhere in the world who was willing to pay… Continue reading One way to get rid of a dictator

One way to win an election

Uganda’s incumbent president, Yoweri “gay people are disgusting but we probably shouldn’t execute them because it would be bad for business” Museveni, is currently awaiting election results that will determine whether or not he’ll be allowed to serve a whopping fifth five-year term in office (SPOILER ALERT: he will). I think he’s really hit on… Continue reading One way to win an election

Eight is enough

Today is the eighth anniversary of Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia, but in lieu of celebrating, plenty of Kosovars in Pristina opted to mark the day by demanding their government’s resignation: Thousands of protesters marched through Kosovo’s capital Wednesday on the eighth anniversary of independence from Serbia, calling for the government to step down… Continue reading Eight is enough

Watching Moldova

Sorry for the light posting today. I realized that I’m very backed up on paid projects and was able to clear one of those and part of another. While we’re on the subject, posting may be light for the rest of the week while I try to get back on top of things. Also, I… Continue reading Watching Moldova