Europe/Americas update: January 26-27 2019

EUROPE BELGIUM An estimated 70,000 protested in Brussels on Sunday in support of stronger action on climate change. The demonstrators directed their ire at both the Belgian government and the European Union, and with the country heading into both national and European parliamentary elections later this year it would seem that climate action is definitely… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 26-27 2019

Europe/Americas update: January 9 2019

EUROPE REPUBLIC OF NORTH (?) MACEDONIA/GREECE The Macedonian parliament will spend the rest of this week debating the constitutional amendments that would change the country’s name to “Republic of North Macedonia” ahead of a final vote on the switch presumably either late Friday or maybe over the weekend. The amendments are expected to pass despite… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 9 2019

Europe/Americas update: January 7 2019

Welcome back! As always after an extended break, we will not be recapping everything that happened while I was gone. If I’ve missed a story you think is important, you can always drop me a line and let me know. EUROPE RUSSIA At Eurasianet, Igor Torbakov argues that despite their recent Era of Good Feelings,… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 7 2019

World update: November 1 2018

MIGRATION Thanks to assholes like Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán, and Matteo Salvini, the global discussion about migration generally revolves around how supposedly dangerous and destabilizing they are. But it’s worth considering just how desperate migrants have to be when the act of migrating is as dangerous as it is: An Associated Press tally has documented… Continue reading World update: November 1 2018

World update: October 19 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghans will vote in their parliamentary election on Saturday under threat of violence from both the Taliban and ISIS. It very much remains to be seen how much the risk of violence will tamp down turnout, but in the lead up to the election nine candidates were assassinated and hundreds of people killed… Continue reading World update: October 19 2018

World update: October 17 2018

ASIA GEORGIA The Georgian Orthodox Church is apparently split internally over whether or not to recognize an autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Politically this makes sense–while Georgia certainly has no love for Russia these days, it’s also in no position to antagonize Moscow. AFGHANISTAN A suicide bomber killed at least two Afghan civilians in an attack… Continue reading World update: October 17 2018

World update: October 16 2018

ASIA ARMENIA Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan resigned on Tuesday in order to trigger an early election that will probably be held in December. Pashinyan became PM at the head of a wave of popular support in May but the opposition Republican Party still controls a majority of seats in parliament. Pashinyan wants a new… Continue reading World update: October 16 2018