World update: March 22 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Balkh governor Atta Muhammad Nur, who has been resisting an order from Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to step down since December, agreed to finally step down on Thursday. In return for finally acquiescing, he reportedly got to name a new police chief for the province as well as a new education minister in Kabul… Continue reading World update: March 22 2018

World update: January 20-21 2018

GUINEA WORM Thanks in large part to the work of the Carter Foundation, Guinea Worm may soon be a thing of the past. Just 30 cases of the condition were reported in 2017, half of them from a single outbreak in Ethiopia and the rest in isolated parts of Chad. Who says we can’t have… Continue reading World update: January 20-21 2018

A life well-lived

He may be History’s Greatest Monster, and he may not have been the best president ever, but among other things, Jimmy Carter helped do this: In a touching and surprisingly funny moment during today’s press conference discussing his cancer diagnosis, former President Jimmy Carter said, when asked about his remaining priorities,  “I’d like to see… Continue reading A life well-lived