World update: May 7 2018

I won’t be around most of this afternoon and evening, so please accept this midday update to tide you over until tomorrow. Please check out my latest appearance on Chapo Trap House. I spent part of the interview in some kind of strange fugue state unaware of the current date, so you’ll hear me refer… Continue reading World update: May 7 2018

Middle East update: November 10 2017

Best wishes to any readers who are commemorating Arbaʿeen. and/or Veteran’s Day (which is actually tomorrow, I know, but Saturday is typically attwiw’s rest day so I most likely won’t be here). SYRIA Well, it’s happening. With al-Bukamal now in Syrian hands, Bashar al-Assad’s army and its allies have turned their attention toward the Syrian… Continue reading Middle East update: November 10 2017

Middle East update: June 23 2017

QATAR Well, the long-awaited list of Saudi demands is in, and it’s quite something. If you had no knowledge of the context and you just happened to come upon this list, I think you’d probably conclude that Qatar must have lost a war: — Curb diplomatic ties with Iran and close its diplomatic missions there.… Continue reading Middle East update: June 23 2017

Middle East update: May 25 2017

SYRIA I don’t want to alarm anybody, but those American strikes on Syrian government-aligned forces near Tanf last week may not be the end of the conflict there. The map below is a week old in terms of who controls what, but I think it will do for our purposes. The Syrian army has reportedly… Continue reading Middle East update: May 25 2017

Conflict update: February 17 2017

Somalia The United States of America This is Donald Trump’s America, and people are prepared to go to great lengths to get the hell out of it: A man from Somalia who risked the freezing temperatures of Manitoba as he crossed into Canada was discovered out in the cold by a CBC journalist. The chance… Continue reading Conflict update: February 17 2017

Conflict update: February 12 2017

We’re in the middle of a windstorm and I keep losing power, so I’m going to have to call it a night with a lot of stuff still left to cover. I’ll be back tomorrow though. The storm blew through and I decided to stay up late to cram everything in here. You’re welcome, or… Continue reading Conflict update: February 12 2017

Conflict update, January 8 2017

Iraq Iraqi counter-terrorism forces in east Mosul say they’ve reached the eastern bank of the Tigris River. Some Iraqi politicians are claiming that as much as 88 percent of the eastern half of the city has been liberated, which is probably a substantial exaggeration, but it’s impossible to dispute that the offensive has made significant… Continue reading Conflict update, January 8 2017