World update: January 13-14 2018

By way of a site update, with tomorrow being a holiday in the US I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll be blogging. If not then I’ll be back on Tuesday with two days’ worth of bad news. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan officials say that peace talks are underway in Turkey between Kabul and the Taliban. They’ve… Continue reading World update: January 13-14 2018

Cosmic justice takes an oddly specific form

Here’s Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower (D): Rep. Brower is holding that there sledgehammer in that there photograph because he’s best known for using it to Make A Difference for Hawaii’s shockingly large homeless population: Armed with a sledgehammer and a self-righteous mission, State Rep. Tom Brower (D.) walks his district’s streets and parks looking… Continue reading Cosmic justice takes an oddly specific form