Saturday Night Tunes: Empyrean Isles

By 1964, Herbie Hancock was scarcely a year into his stint as Miles Davis’s pianist, a period of time in which he, bassist Ron Carter, and drummer Anthony Williams would team up to form arguably the finest rhythm section ever assembled. Empyrean Isles was recorded a year prior to Maiden Voyage and established Hancock not… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Empyrean Isles

Cantaloupe Island

It’s been a ridiculous few days. Entertained all weekend, ran around like a maniac yesterday trying to do something about my woefully undermowed (thanks to a broken mower) and sparsely grassed lawn (I hope this Scotts EZ Seed stuff really works), and today I’m trying to get a piece written for Lobe Log when I… Continue reading Cantaloupe Island