World update: April 12 2018

Kind of a crazy day here at attwiw HQ, so this is going to be truncated and it will go out much earlier than usual. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA According to Russian sources Eastern Ghouta is now entirely in Syrian control. As to the expected US et al response to Saturday’s alleged chemical weapons attack in… Continue reading World update: April 12 2018

Asia/Africa update: November 29 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Russia analyst Samuel Ramani looks at Moscow’s efforts to curry favor in Afghanistan–even as it’s allegedly providing military aid to the Taliban and despite, you know, lingering bad blood from the Afghan-Soviet War–through the magic of business deals: On October 30, 2017, a delegation of 20 prominent Russian businessmen arrived in Afghanistan to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 29 2017

Asia/Africa update: November 28 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Good news everybody: America has turned the corner in Afghanistan! At least that’s what the US commander there, General John Nicholson, says: After 16 years of war, the United States and its Afghan partners “have turned the corner” and “momentum is now with Afghan security forces,” the top U.S. general there told reporters on… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 28 2017

World update: November 13 2017

It’s going to be a busy couple of days here at attwiw HQ, so you’re going to have to make due with an abbreviated roundup today and possibly nothing tomorrow though I’ll see what I can do. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA At least 47 civilians have reportedly been killed in an airstrike on the town of… Continue reading World update: November 13 2017

World update: October 7-8 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN One cornerstone of Donald Trump’s totally ingenious plan to win the Afghanistan War is: air power. Damn, why hasn’t anybody else thought of this? Washington is supplying the Afghan military with 159 Blackhawk helicopters and the flight training to use them. The choppers will be delivered slowly, and the training is expected to… Continue reading World update: October 7-8 2017

Quick World update: September 29 2017

A few days ago I caused my decrepit middle-aged body to suffer a back injury that makes it hard to sit and write for long periods. I managed to get through a full update yesterday but it wasn’t pleasant. I hope you’ll be patient with me as I condense today’s update, and writing time. MIDDLE… Continue reading Quick World update: September 29 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 18 2017

I got a late start today because I was working on a piece for LobeLog and also because I am extraordinarily spacey today. So if this update is briefer than usual, or if it meanders off and doesn’t make any sense–either is possible–then that’s why. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Six civilians were killed in Kandahar province on… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 18 2017