Middle East update: March 2 2018

SYRIA The Syrian government and its allies are continuing their ground offensive into Eastern Ghouta. They’ve opened up at least two and possibly three fronts from what I can tell, and are slowly taking villages from the rebels. I’d make a joke about the ceasefire here but I think we’re way past even pretending that’s… Continue reading Middle East update: March 2 2018

World update: January 23 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The fact that America’s intervention in Afghanistan is in year 17 should be bad enough. The only lesson the US foreign policy establishment seems to have learned from Vietnam is that you can’t lose if you don’t stop fighting, even if the only reason you’re still fighting is so you don’t have to… Continue reading World update: January 23 2018

Middle East update: January 15 2018

IRAQ At least 38 people were reportedly killed on Monday in a double suicide bombing in Baghdad’s Tayaran Square area. Casualty reports are contradictory, as they often are in these situations, but the highest count I’ve seen says that over 100 other people were injured in the attack. This is the second terrorist attack in… Continue reading Middle East update: January 15 2018

Middle East update: December 21 2017

While I never say never around here, I feel pretty strongly that tonight’s updates will be attwiw’s final ones for 2017. We’re hosting Christmas here and then traveling to visit family, so I need a bit of time to prepare and then most of next week will just be logistically impossible. The blog won’t go… Continue reading Middle East update: December 21 2017

Asia/Africa update: December 13 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The expansion of the CIA’s mission in Afghanistan is already coming at a cost for Afghan civilians in Khost province, who have to deal with the agency-backed Khost Protection Force (KPF) militia: The intelligence’ surveillance complex has become part of the people’s daily life in Khost. Surveillance balloons, antennas on every hill, and… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 13 2017

World update: December 11 2017

ASIA MYANMAR The AP has conducted an in-depth investigation into the rape of Rohingya women by Myanmar soldiers. It is absolutely chilling and should be read as widely as possible, so please go do that: The rape of Rohingya women by Myanmar’s security forces has been sweeping and methodical, the Associated Press found in interviews… Continue reading World update: December 11 2017

World update: December 6 2017

ASIA NEPAL Voters in southern Nepal are heading to the polls on Thursday for the second stage in the country’s legislative election. The first stage, in northern Nepal, was held late last month. It’s Nepal’s first election since 1999. NORTH KOREA The United States has begun flying B-1B bombers over South Korea along with F-22s… Continue reading World update: December 6 2017