Europe/Americas update: March 25 2019

Hello and welcome to our next-to-last week here at WordPress! I’m packing things up and moving to Substack starting next week, when I’ll be posting in both places by way of transitioning to the new site. I’m also, in case you haven’t noticed, returning from an unplanned week away due to the flu. As with… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 25 2019

Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2019

EUROPE POLAND It’s nice to see Polish media keeping it classy: A Polish-language weekly, Only Poland, was reportedly spotted at Poland’s Parliament on Wednesday with a front-page offering to inform readers “How to spot a Jew.” Listed were markers such as “Names, anthropological features, expressions, appearances, character traits, methods of operation” and “disinformation activities.” The… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 12 2019

EUROPE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA The former Republic of Macedonia is now officially the Republic of North Macedonia. The country will roll out changes to documents, currency, license plates, etc. over the next few months. HUNGARY Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is offering to pay Hungarian women to have more Hungarian children: The latest example… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 12 2019

World update: January 8 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A bombing in the city of Khost killed at least two people on Tuesday and injured at least 23 more. The Taliban is likely responsible. Speaking of which, the Taliban said on Tuesday that it’s canceled planned talks with US representatives in Qatar that were supposed to begin on Wednesday. The group is refusing… Continue reading World update: January 8 2019

Europe/Americas update: December 18 2018

Tonight’s updates will unfortunately have to be our last of 2018. I had hoped to continue for a couple more days before breaking for the holidays but between holiday plans, travel plans, and other commitments my attention and stress levels have reached the breaking point. Owing in part to a strange winter break schedule for… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 18 2018

Europe/Americas update: December 17 2018

EUROPE POLAND The European Court of Justice upheld its own interim ruling on Monday ordering the Polish government to immediately suspend a law, passed in April, that lowers the mandatory retirement age for Polish judges from 70 to 65. Poland’s right-wing government pushed that law through in order to purge the judiciary of uncooperative judges… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 17 2018

World update: December 15-16 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE The COP24 climate summit in Poland ended on Saturday with an agreement on implementing the Paris Climate Accord’s carbon emission pledges. But the process was not smooth and the outcome not without its issues: After fraught and much-delayed talks at the COP24 climate change conference here in Polish coal country, more than 190… Continue reading World update: December 15-16 2018