Middle East update: March 6 2018

SYRIA Implementing the last stage of the Aleppo playbook, Russia on Tuesday offered Syrian rebels still in Eastern Ghouta safe passage out of that besieged area to, well, someplace else. And here's the rub--while that deal has worked in the past, with the Russians offering safe passage to Idlib province, that offer is no longer … Continue reading Middle East update: March 6 2018


Conflict update: January 5 2017

World War III Building on an earlier post, this seems problematic: Senior officials in the Russian government celebrated Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton as a geopolitical win for Moscow, according to U.S. officials who said that American intelligence agencies intercepted communications in the aftermath of the election in which Russian officials congratulated themselves on … Continue reading Conflict update: January 5 2017

Is there a problem in the US intelligence community?

At this point, after it was caught completely unawares by ISIS's move against Mosul and on toward Baghdad and before that was totally surprised by Russia's move into Crimea, should we start being worried about the capabilities of the US intelligence community? That's the question Shane Harris is asking at Foreign Policy. The problem is … Continue reading Is there a problem in the US intelligence community?