World update: July 12 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A likely Taliban attack on a military post in Kunduz province killed at least 15 Afghan soldiers on Thursday, though some estimates had the toll as high as 30. A separate likely Taliban attack on a police checkpoint in Farah province left four police officers dead. Additionally, a US service member died of… Continue reading World update: July 12 2018

World update: June 19 2018

We’re a little early today because in addition to being Juneteenth we also have a family birthday to celebrate. I’ll catch you all up tomorrow. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Taliban fighters killed at least four people in a Tuesday morning attack on police and military checkpoints in Kunduz province. In case you weren’t sure if the ceasefire… Continue reading World update: June 19 2018

Middle East update: June 2-3 2018

SYRIA Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem made it clear to reporters in Damascus on Saturday that his government is targeting southern Syria next. Muallem said that the government wants to retake rebel-held parts of Quneitra and Daraa provinces in southwestern Syria, though it will attempt to do so through reconciliation/evacuation agreements with the rebels before it… Continue reading Middle East update: June 2-3 2018

World update: May 25 2018

ASIA INDIA If the possibility of an Indian-Chinese war worries and/or excites you, then you may want to pay attention to recent Chinese mining activity in areas around the highly disputed border between the two nations. The area is believed to contain tens of billions of dollars worth of precious metals, so there’s definitely an… Continue reading World update: May 25 2018

World update: May 22 2017

UNITED KINGDOM Normally I would lead this with whatever lunacy just broke in the Trump mess, but unfortunately something genuinely terrible appears to have happened in Manchester this evening: A number of people have died and others have been injured following a reported explosion at Manchester Arena. Witnesses said they heard two loud bangs, reported… Continue reading World update: May 22 2017

Conflict update: March 16 2017

SYRIA “Dozens” (somewhere north of 50, but a final count probably won’t be available until at least tomorrow) of people were killed this evening when an airstrike hit a mosque in the town of al-Jinah, in western Aleppo province, at evening prayer. Upwards of 300 people may have been in the mosque when it was… Continue reading Conflict update: March 16 2017

A funny thing happened on the way to Grexit

I kind of dropped the Greece bailout story a couple of weeks ago, because to be perfectly honest I think I can only deal with one major global agreement at a time around this place. But as we got right up to the brink of a Grexit, it turned out that, well, nobody, least of… Continue reading A funny thing happened on the way to Grexit