Where does Uzbekistan go from here?

With the passing of lovable, people-boiling autocrat Islam Karimov late last month, Uzbekistan has entered uncharted territory. Karimov was, after all, the only head of state the country has had since the fall of the Soviet Union. Per Foreign Affairs, the mechanics of the succession appear to be in place, and it’s fairly clear who… Continue reading Where does Uzbekistan go from here?

Punishing the truly guilty

It took the Russians a few days to properly formulate a response to Turkey shooting down its Sukhoi Su-24 aircraft, but over the weekend they finally took vengeance on the real villains: Syrians who eat bread and drink water. I really do wish I was joking: A reported Russian airstrike on Saturday in central Idlib… Continue reading Punishing the truly guilty

The world’s worst game of chicken

Dan Drezner argues that the US and Russia are happy to let Ukraine continue to simmer until they get what they want: So it appears that both Russia and the United States have a vested interest in continued conflict. Russia wants to weaken Ukraine, not be seen as knuckling under to sanctions, and wait for… Continue reading The world’s worst game of chicken