So nice they published me twice

I’m grateful to the folks at LobeLog for publishing me twice today, and I’d be grateful to you folks for heading over there and checking both pieces out. First up was something I’d been working on last week with Jim Lobe, the “Lobe” in LobeLog, on what Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican Party (and… Continue reading So nice they published me twice

So that’s done

The full-text of the Iran agreement (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA) has been posted online by the EU here. I’ve been reading it bit by bit all morning, and so far it seems to align with the fact sheet that was put out by the State Department after the initial framework was… Continue reading So that’s done

Wild weekend in Vienna

The Iran talks, plus the interim nuclear agreement under which they’re operating, have been extended through Monday. Progress is being made, supposedly, but not enough and not fast enough to get anything done this week. If no deal is reached by Monday… An Iranian diplomat told me: if wo don't reach a deal till Monday,… Continue reading Wild weekend in Vienna

If we talk about nothing else, let’s have an Iran update

Folks, today was a long day, and tomorrow promises to be more of the same, so I hope you’ll forgive the lack of posting today and tomorrow. Before I pour myself a big glass of chocolate milk and put on a Simpsons DVD, though, I’ve got enough mental space for a short update about the… Continue reading If we talk about nothing else, let’s have an Iran update

The correction never makes up for the “error”

Apart from the news that their deadline has been extended through Friday (at which point it will…be extended again, I would imagine), there’s not a whole lot to say about the Iran talks at the moment. But there is always something to say about how the “no deal” folks are covering the talks, because they… Continue reading The correction never makes up for the “error”

Looks like this might be an interesting week

It’s only Monday, so who knows what could happen, but at the moment this is looking like a pretty consequential week, isn’t it? First there’s the Iran deal deadline, which is theoretically tomorrow but really Thursday, the last day a deal can be submitted to Congress before its “review period” under the Corker bill goes… Continue reading Looks like this might be an interesting week