World update: March 20 2018

Happy Nowruz to anyone who is celebrating today. My appreciation for spring is being tempered by the eight inches of snow the weather tells me we’re about to get tonight, but your mileage may vary. CLIMATE CHANGE A new study from NASA, which is probably going to get its funding cut over this, finds that… Continue reading World update: March 20 2018

World update: March 19 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE The World Bank anticipates over 140 million people around the world being displaced by climate change by 2050. The majority, 86 million, would be in sub-Saharan Africa, with another 40 million in South Asia. Assuming that humanity isn’t going to do anything serious to arrest climate change, and it’s pretty clear we’re not,… Continue reading World update: March 19 2018

Middle East update: March 19 2018

SYRIA Monitoring groups and journalists reported on Monday that Turkey’s Syrian proxy forces have been looting Afrin in the aftermath of the YPG’s retreat from that city: Pictures showed soldiers flying a Turkish flag from a building, and rebels tearing down a statue of the Kurdish hero Kawa Haddad.   AFP news agency journalists in… Continue reading Middle East update: March 19 2018

Middle East update: August 28 2017

IRAQ The Battle of Tal Afar is…over? Seriously? Eight days and the city is liberated? Well, yes, as it turns out. The battle ended on Sunday, after a lightning Iraqi offensive from three directions that cut through the city and then swept across it much faster than most analysts, yours truly included, expected it would.… Continue reading Middle East update: August 28 2017

Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

It’s been 14 years since George W. Bush declared victory in Iraq. Time flies. So far this year, says that 5778 Iraqi civilians have been killed as a direct result of the chain of events set off by Bush’s Iraq invasion (we’ll leave aside the ancillary effects of the invasion in, for example, Syria).… Continue reading Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

Nowruz, the Iraq War, and my eyeballs

Today is Nowruz, the ancient Iranian holiday celebrating the arrival of spring and, in the Iranian calendar, a new year. That really lovely holiday has unfortunately been marred since 2003 by the fact that it falls on the same day as the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, for which I suppose we… Continue reading Nowruz, the Iraq War, and my eyeballs