Where does Uzbekistan go from here?

With the passing of lovable, people-boiling autocrat Islam Karimov late last month, Uzbekistan has entered uncharted territory. Karimov was, after all, the only head of state the country has had since the fall of the Soviet Union. Per Foreign Affairs, the mechanics of the succession appear to be in place, and it’s fairly clear who… Continue reading Where does Uzbekistan go from here?

Off to the great people-boiling pot in the sky

Uzbekistan’s president for life, Islam Karimov, either already has or is about to learn that the “for life” part of that title is the real deal. Karimov, known among other things for (allegedly) executing political prisoners by boiling them, has apparently suffered a brain hemorrhage and there are conflicting reports as to his continued existence.… Continue reading Off to the great people-boiling pot in the sky

That sly come hither stare

Uzbekistan is one of the former Soviet Central Asian republics but not the good one, which is obviously Turkmenistan (still waiting on that payment, you guys), although Uzbekistan is the birthplace of Timur-i Lang, one of my favorite historical figures. Uzbekistan is ruled by a fellow named Islam Karimov, a sprightly 75-year old who enjoys… Continue reading That sly come hither stare