Middle East update: October 12 2018

SYRIA The Israeli and Syrian governments, plus the United Nations, agreed on Friday to reopen the Quneitra border crossing in the Golan. This should allow UN peacekeepers back into the area to hopefully, you know, keep Israel and Syria from going to war with one another. Amnesty International on Friday heavily criticized the joint US-Syrian Democratic… Continue reading Middle East update: October 12 2018

Middle East update: October 10 2018

ISIS RAND political scientist Colin Clarke argues that despite losing most of its territory, plus the natural resources and tax base that went with it, ISIS is doing OK financially. Its leaders allegedly smuggled hundreds of millions of dollars out of Syria and Iraq before the hammer really came down, its expenses are now pretty… Continue reading Middle East update: October 10 2018

World update: July 11 2018

It’s another hectic day at HQ so I’m going to try to be briefer and earlier than usual again. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Syrian and Russian attention in Daraa province has focused on the Yarmouk Basin, where an ISIS affiliate called Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid has been ensconced since 2014. ISIS and its subdivisions aren’t covered under… Continue reading World update: July 11 2018

World update: July 10 2018

It’s been a long day so if it’s OK with you I’m going to roll through these updates with a minimum of banter. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Rebels in Daraa city say they’ve begun surrender talks with Russian officials in hopes of staving off a full Syrian-Russian offensive. The inevitable recovery of Daraa will be a… Continue reading World update: July 10 2018

Middle East update: July 9 2018

SYRIA Syrian military forces have reportedly surrounded and besieged rebel-held parts of Daraa city. These rebels have presumably rejected the ceasefire deals that rebels in other parts of Daraa province have struck. Syrian forces are also pressuring Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid, a hardline group with links to ISIS that controls some territory in Daraa province.… Continue reading Middle East update: July 9 2018

Asia/Africa update: July 7-8 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN An Afghan soldier attacked US service personnel stationed at the Tarin Kowt airfield in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province on Saturday. One US soldier was killed and two others wounded in the attack. Elsewhere on Saturday, the chief of the Charsada district was killed by a roadside bomb in Ghor province and a Taliban ambush in Ghazni… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: July 7-8 2018

Asia/Africa update: July 5 2018

Well, we’re back. As usual when I’ve been gone for a while this update will mostly stick to things that happened today with some pieces I flagged while I was gone in there for good measure. ASIA AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijan has responded to Armenia’s recent change in government by amping up its threats to regain control… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: July 5 2018